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by The Cancel Band

Run 03:34
Uncontrol 04:12
Half 03:46
Mr.Orpheus 04:05
Our Lives 03:37
Mystic 03:50
Together 03:50
Mask 04:50


This is the story of one curious Case that Detective Christopher Orpheus had to deal with. It’s been many years since that time, and I am absolutely sure that there is no mortal man in this world who can tell you that story but me. By the way, very soon I’ll be dead too and believe me or not, this fact doesn’t bother me a lot anymore: I know too much and I’ve seen too many winters in my life.
Detective Orpheus was not an ordinary man and I suppose that he was some kind of a mystic. He used to say that every person wears a mask (or even two) and his job was to pull that thing off their faces. Though we unraveled so many cases together, all of his secrets are still very dim for me and I can’t find the meaning of even half of them.
Orpheus said that for some sensible reason he wasn’t allowed to put the story of that case into words – so he gave me this record and urged me to run away from the city as soon as possible. He said that our lives were in danger and mumbled something strange about the control and uncontrol of the force. He said that I will get the message as soon as I play the tape. And I played it, and there was some music on it that sounded kind like jazz.


released November 17, 2017

The Cancel Band:
Sax - Oleksiy Yatsyna
Guitar - Nicola Zinchenko
Keys - Egor Gavrilenko
Bass - Rostuslav Vakylyuk
Controllers - Andrew Zelenskyy
Scratch - Rostyslav Shved (Dj Shon)

Cover: Tabu (www.instagram.com/dima_tabu)

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